Thomas Bäz Glasaugen

D - 98724 Lauscha

Ringstraße 28

Telefon: 036702 - 22465

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We produce doll’s eyes as well as figure eyes in my firm. All products are handmade and they are produced after old tradition. The glass eyes are made by filigree handwork in my own studio. My assortment includes figurative eyes, doll’s eyes and Reborn eyes. I offer a broad range of colours.  
I get the tubes and rods which I use for production from the glassworks called “Farbglashütte Lauscha”. This firm has produced the material glass for more than 150 years now.  

There is a speciality with my skilled activity. To get a similar, lifelike iris structure to the human eye I use self-mixed drawing rods. Different glasses and rods are blended according to a dispensing. 


That’s why the iris designs of my figure eyes are gentle and peaceful in their aura.

Doll’s eyes and figure eyes are worked out of a glass blank. For this you need the desired basic colour, the iris drawing rod and crystal glass.
The pupil of most figure eyes is additionally spotted by a topaz coloured ring. After that the crystal is applied to give a depth effect and a special glance to the eyes.

After the production I arrange the eyes in pairs. Afterwards they are packed.



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